Braun reissues a Dieter Rams classic watch

Back in 1978, Braun released the DW30 digital watch designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs. The watch was in production for 3 years with a total of 8500 units produced, thus making it quite a collector’s item. The new watch has a stainless steel face, with scratch resistant mineral glass to protect the digital face, which can be lit up with a touch of orange (the original light was white) when the lights go out. Some other minor updates is a slightly larger logo and the loss of the black rim around the LCD.

Purchase from Braun for $250.

“For complete private enjoyment”

I’ve seen a couple of bathroom radios but this piece of kitsch, by Stewart, is one of the earlier ones. Similar designs are out there under the names Soundwave, Windsor, Federal, Nobility, Arrow, Westminster, Shibuya, and my favorite, “Little John”. It seems everyone wanted this to distribute this thing.

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Hopesonic stepped it up years later with the the phone and FM band.