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Bone conduction is back.

It looks like a new concept in headphones is here – or is it? The idea of a headband that passed vibrations through your bones was mentioned in a previous post about the Bone Fone. It was a flop. However, design and storytelling has improved greatly since the 80s. I wonder if consumers will be […]

Mini Organ Collection

Check out Eric Schneider’s collection of vintage keyboards and electronic toys. He even published a book back in 2010 that you can purchase at Amazon. I like to stock a few of these gadgets, namely the Panasonic Do-Re-Mi, Panasonic R-1088, and the Casio VL-1. This is the first museum of lost organs, damned keyboards, childish synthesizers, dusty voice […]

Hi-Fi Posters

I think the first time I saw a collection of record players was when I opened issue 4 of Grand Royal Magazine back in 1997. It was a short lived publication by Mike D of The Beastie Boys, that only ran 6-issues . Recently, I came across these posters from hi-fi-posters.com that closely resemble the original by Geoff McFetridge. […]

ActionEar Headphones

In my search for vintage electronics, I occasionally come across something so ridiculous that I can’t pass it up. I originally thought this was a lo-fi hearing aid that would look great on my father at social events. Turns out this pair of ActionEar headphones by Silver Creek Industries is meant to aid in hunting. […]

“For complete private enjoyment”

I’ve seen a couple of bathroom radios but this piece of kitsch, by Stewart, is one of the earlier ones. Similar designs are out there under the names Soundwave, Windsor, Federal, Nobility, Arrow, Westminster, Shibuya, and my favorite, “Little John”. It seems everyone wanted this to distribute this thing. Check out some other novelty items […]

Bone Fone

Well, it obviously didn’t but that’s what the company JS&A had hoped when they created an am/fm radio that wrapped around your neck. The idea was that the vibrations of the music would pass through your vertebrae and connect with your ear bone. The radio ran on 4 AA batteries and came in a bone […]

Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams

I have collecting Braun for several years, so I was ecstatic when I heard there was an exhibition coming to SFMOMA. Upon entering, I immediately embarrassed my wife (which I love to do) by bowing to the TG60 Wall Combo stereo. There were many items I had need seen before, including a tape deck suitcase. […]