ActionEar Headphones

In my search for vintage electronics, I occasionally come across something so ridiculous that I can’t pass it up. I originally thought this was a lo-fi hearing aid that would look great on my father at social events. Turns out this pair of ActionEar headphones by Silver Creek Industries is meant to aid in hunting. It even has a line out if you want to record.  The brochure claims you can surpass normal human hearing… and look like a complete ass.

“For complete private enjoyment”

I’ve seen a couple of bathroom radios but this piece of kitsch, by Stewart, is one of the earlier ones. Similar designs are out there under the names Soundwave, Windsor, Federal, Nobility, Arrow, Westminster, Shibuya, and my favorite, “Little John”. It seems everyone wanted this to distribute this thing.

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Hopesonic stepped it up years later with the the phone and FM band.


Bone Fone

A new concept in sound technology may revolutionize the way we listen to stereo music.

Well, it obviously didn’t but that’s what the company JS&A had hoped when they created an am/fm radio that wrapped around your neck. The idea was that the vibrations of the music would pass through your vertebrae and connect with your ear bone.

The radio ran on 4 AA batteries and came in a bone shaped carrying case.

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