Press, I mean – “cut” you own records at home

For the first time, anyone can now make quality records at home with just the push of a button. Check out this kickstarter campaign for the Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder. It will run you 1500 Euros but imagine the possibilities.

Time Cubed Clock

A puzzle at first to all, it will continue to delight after you learn how to tell time with colors on this playful, original creation. Handmade in Cotati, California USA by horologist, Barry Gamble. For those who don’t know, Barry Gamble designed the Aurora Clock and Prisma Clock amongst many others.

The Time Cubed clock is available for sale at Clock Forward. This is a limited edition run.

Bone conduction is back.

It looks like a new concept in headphones is here – or is it? The idea of a headband that passed vibrations through your bones was mentioned in a previous post about the Bone Fone. It was a flop. However, design and storytelling has improved greatly since the 80s. I wonder if consumers will be convinced this time around.