MOMA reissues the Aurora Clock

The classic mid-century clock gets an update with a broader spectrum of colors and a lower voltage LED backlight that adjusts to the brightness in the room. The original version had problems with the heat from the lamp melting the colored lens. Unfortunately, this upgrade comes with a hefty high price tag of  $699.

Buy from MOMA.

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Ultravox reissues Quadrifolio?

The Quadrifolio by Ultravox is a much sought after radio from the late 60s. Mario Bellini designed this classic but it appears someone is producing a cheap imitation. I’m not sure how this radio is not protected by patents but I’ve seen a couple people trying to sell these as the original on Etsy. Be warned, here are some things to look out for:

    1. There should be a retractable antenna.
    2. The stand should be metal, not plastic.
    3. The original radio was AM, not FM.



Braun reissues a Dieter Rams classic watch

Back in 1978, Braun released the DW30 digital watch designed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs. The watch was in production for 3 years with a total of 8500 units produced, thus making it quite a collector’s item. The new watch has a stainless steel face, with scratch resistant mineral glass to protect the digital face, which can be lit up with a touch of orange (the original light was white) when the lights go out. Some other minor updates is a slightly larger logo and the loss of the black rim around the LCD.

Purchase from Braun for $250.