Mini Organ Collection

Check out Eric Schneider’s collection of vintage keyboards and electronic toys. He even published a book back in 2010 that you can purchase at Amazon. I like to stock a few of these gadgets, namely the Panasonic Do-Re-MiPanasonic R-1088, and the Casio VL-1.

This is the first museum of lost organs, damned keyboards, childish synthesizers, dusty voice transformers and singing calculators. Most of them are from the 70s and 80s.

mo-wristorgan mo-vectrex-melody-master mo-tronichord mo-touchorgan mo-magical mo-kawai-lemon mo-creativeplaythings mo-concept-2000 mo-concept-2000-lie-n-learn mo-compute-a-tone mo-cesiotone mo-bambino-trimtone

Hi-Fi Posters

I think the first time I saw a collection of record players was when I opened issue 4 of Grand Royal Magazine back in 1997. It was a short lived publication by Mike D of The Beastie Boys, that only ran 6-issues . Recently, I came across these posters from that closely resemble the original by Geoff McFetridge. Anyone know the connection?

Here’s a side by side comparison: